Renovation and Regeneration

The Glen Houses   –    You’ll want to come back

After many years of neglect the Glen Houses are undergoing regeneration and renovation by the current owner. This is a long term project but there will be a minimum of disruption during the visitor season. Thank you for your support and tolerance of any work going on while you are here.

Works so far have included :

re-fencing part of the site and replacing the cattle grid

re-rendering the back of chalets 1, 2, 3, and 4

painting the outsides of the chalets and replacing guttering

replacement windows with double glazing

new front doors

clearing the roads and paths and re-stoning

redesigning and replacing kitchens

cleaning and total redecorating of 7 chalets so far

redesigning the interior of chalet 3 for recreation

removal of some of the large trees to open up the site

chalet 4 gutted, insulated and refitted for permanent residence

chalet 10 gutted, insulated and refitted for holiday use

and a million and one small things to make it all happen!